Special Anniversary Messages

A message from the owner, Anita

A message from Katie H, who leads “Journey Through the Chakras” with crystal singing bowls at the Cave

A message from Michelle McInnis, who leads Blissful Meditation Under the Stars at the Cave

A message from Desiree H., a Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave client

A message from Marissa P., a Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave client

A message from Carol F., a Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave client

A message from Trisha K., a Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave client

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“Love it here! Finally made it in after wanting to go for a year. I will be going back! Owner is such a lovely person along with the atmosphere.” — Megan G.

“Such an amazing experience! Looking forward to bringing the kids, too! Can’t wait to go back ” — Amanda R.

“Went with my mom for a relaxation session ~ 45 minutes was perfect! The layout was appealing and very clean. We had the place to ourselves and felt great afterward. I’d recommend it. Next time I go, I’d like to reserve the heated salt table ” — Alexandra C.

“I have gone here several times and have experienced beautiful, meditative, and healing sessions. Although, every one I have encountered has been joyful, I finally met Anita this past weekend.

I want to support not only good businesses, but good people. And sometimes I support good people regardless of the business. Not that Anita on the salt cave need my support, but I wish it 1000 fold.

Beautiful. Giving. Loving. I’m a client for life!” — Nikole A.

“Went with my mom for a day of relaxation and we did yoga, a salt cave session and the salt bed. All the services were fantastic and we left feeling rejuvenated! Also the staff were really friendly and made us feel special our first time there. Thanks for a great experience!” –Jennifer M.

“My daughter and I went there for Mother’s Day. It was definitely relaxing. I get many sinus infections but they are open now. I felt the difference right away. Next time we are doing the family room with the kids. Prices are good also.” — Nancy C.

“I had the pleasure of enjoying a relaxing session in the salt cave with my husband as an anniversary gift from a Friend… This was the most relaxing 45 minutes of silence we both enjoyed… We left there feeling great and that was the best way to start off our weekend… We can’t wait to go back… Thanks for providing such a relaxing calming atmosphere…” — Joelia W.

“Used the salt bed with massage and heat elements and it was PHENOMENAL!!! Afterwards felt the best I have in years and will be going back weekly. Have to try this experience and this facility is top notch!” — Rose W.

“I went today with girls from work and we enjoyed it immensely. Had a private group in the cave and relaxed in the quite, serene surroundings with the stars and music background. I definitely will go again.” — Barbara O.

“I have terrible insomnia issues. I am a skeptic to all the hoopla of this stuff. And last night I slept. ALL NIGHT, no pills, same amount of caffeine throughout the day and I slept. My friends were right, this place is awesome. Going back.” — Desiree D.

“It was a wonderfully relaxing experience!!! I haven’t breathed through my nostrils in years; they were always stuffed up. I can’t wait to go back!!!” — Cindy S.

“I love this place! Very nice owner and staff . The benefits and relaxation so worth going to! The Meditation session are also wonderful ” — Debi R.

“I had a wonderful experience. The session was so relaxing and really helped ease the pain I’ve been having. The staff was very caring and the establishment clean. I can’t wait to return for another session!!” — Joyce B.

“We had a girls day for 2 of our friends birthdays! We booked the family room! We relaxed in the zero gravity chairs while we had reflexology done on our feet! We relaxed and laughed!….The salt cave and the experience was amazing! The ceiling is so cool with all the fiber optics that looks like stars! Can’t wait to go again! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻” — Robyn S.

“I had a great time w my girlfriends. I did the salt bed and I noticed my lungs feeling like their was more space and movement in them. Highly recommend the experience.” — Kathy C.

“I went in for my first session in the salt bed, i have neuropathy in my legs, they hurt constantly, laying in that bed was relaxing, while I was laying there I had no pain in my legs what so ever,. Definitely taking my mother up to try this experience….” — Darlene C.

“My daughter and I experienced the salt cave today and it was really quite nice. Very relaxing, just as advertised. I was surprised to see the room fully booked for the 11 am session on a Thursday, that speaks well of the place and of salt therapy I think. The receptionist was very nice, the place was clean and comfortable and the price makes it all the better…” — Wendy H.

“Absolutely best $$ spent. Relaxed for 45 minutes and left feeling like a different person. Helped my asthma and sinus issues. Definitely going back.” — Amy B.

“It was an amazing experience, I felt very relaxed and was able to just focus on me and do some self examination all while reaping the great benefits of the salt!!!” — Deanne W.

“Enjoyed my first salt cave session today. Relaxing, the cave is awesome. A salt wall salt on the floor twinkling lights perfect. Can’t wait to go back. My sinuses feel better already. Everyone should try it once. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Anita the owner is wonderful and you can tell this is her happy place.” — Lynn B.

“I had a session with Tibetan singing bowls. It was amazing! I came out of the session feeling like a new person, physically and mentally. My soul felt so cleansed and grounded as well as my body! I could feel the vibrations from the bowls as they moved through the chakras! The energy and kindness of everyone there was just amazing! I have already rebooked my next session! Thank you for offering such an amazing experience!” — Missy S.

“I have been to the Himalayan Salt Cave many times, and each time I’ve walked away feeling lighter and brighter than when I got there. This place is truly an oasis. The relaxation and health benefits of the salt cave are remarkable enough on their own, but to top it off, the Cave hosts all kinds of services and events, from yoga, to reflexology, to meditations, crystal healing on their amazing salt bed, and more. If you want to feel refreshed in mind, body, and spirit, the Himalayan Salt Cave is a fantastic place to start!” — Marissa P.

“The salt cave is an amazing experience. It is that deep kind of relaxation like you feel when you are all settled in on the beach. Calms your mind and detoxes the body. This is a must do….more than once! Love it.” — Tracy M.

“Today was my first visit. 45 minutes in an anti-gravity chair in the Cave was amazing. I arrived with a sinus headache that was unbearable and left feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and pain free. I’m looking forward to many more sessions!” — Beth P.

“What a soothing & peaceful experience. I was a “kid in the salt store”! Having experienced both the bed & cave, I just want to live there. The ambiance is uplifting. The facility is simple & clean. The owner Anita, is so lovely & warm. This is an instant new favorite place to relax while receiving health benefits. It’s worth the drive! We recommend this experience to everyone. Can’t say enough kind words about my experience & the owner. I felt great!” — Kimberly W.

“The experience that the Himalayan Salt and Wellness Cave creates is simply amazing. Sitting in the cave surrounded by the salt bricks on the walls and the coarse salt on the floor while breathing in the diffused salt air immediately relaxes and clears the mind. I felt like I had been at the shore for a week after 45 minutes! I felt so amazing I purchased a package and have been back multiple times. I sleep better, feel more relaxed on a daily basis and have noticed my skin issues have resolved. I highly recommend experiencing the cave and giving yourself the gift of relaxation!!” — Katie H.

“Enjoyed a double date here Friday night. Our husbands travel all the time and found this incredibly relaxing and for a change we were able to surprise them! Great friendly staff!” — Diane F.

“I would like to totally recommend Himalayan Salt Wellness Cave! It is such an incredible healing space. I came out of my session feeling more relaxed and peaceful!! I slept so well. So all I have to say is go, go, go!!!!” — Michelle M.

“This place is a much needed resource. It’s a excellent way to chill out & let go while breathing in positive energy! Do it!
Then do it again!” — Dorothy P.

“Check out the salt cave! Like a day at the beach in 45 minutes. Yoga sessions available IN the salt cave!” — Kevin K.