The Story of Our Salt


Salt RangeThe salt you find now in our caves had quite a journey to get here! It started over 7,000 miles away, in the mountains of Northern Punjab, Pakistan. The mountain ranges there are dotted with white and pink salt mines; our pure pink salt came from a mine called Vanda.



The mining process took a while, because it’s all done manually, with the traditional methods that have been used for generations.  Huge chunks of mined salt were then transported to a factory to be prepared for shipping.Stones

At the factory, cutters and grinders were used to convert salt stones into hqdefaultbricks. The chunks of salt were carefully examined, and once the right pieces were selected, they were washed and cut into the rough shape of a brick. Grinders gave them a more definite shape, and finally, the bricks were polished and smoothed before being packed for transport.

Pure Himalayan salt bricks have to be shipped in very particular conditions, so they are sent via boat rather than plane. All of the bricks for our Salt Cave were loaded onto a ship in the port of Karachi, and it took around 40 days by sea to reach Miami.
boat pic (c) KonArt


Once they reached the United States, they were transported from Miami to our location in Pottstown, and fitted into the Caves you can now enjoy!



cave with chairs